AV Motoplex Park, Lancaster, motocross track

motocross, AV Motoplex Park, Lancaster, motocross track
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AV Motoplex Park

25 USD

Av Motoplex has two Motocross tracks, one for the bigger MX bikes and a separate Motocross track for the kids and beginners. The Main track at AV Motoplex, their has been many improvements made since AV Motoplex opened in 2005. The main Motocross track has been expanded by a total of 75% from the original and the course has been changed. The mx track course is changed every year or so with improvements and expansion. The Motocross track at AV Motoplex has an nice, smooth flow.

AV Motoplex's Mini track is a smaller MX track, and is completely separate from the main track. It's a great place for the kids and beginners to ride. Both tracks are very nicely watered, the track is always open and never closes for watering.

AV Motoplex is also open for all quads, ATV's and those motocrossers that want to join their friends. The Motocross track is also available for private renting, when not in use by open practice or races. AV Motoplex is available for rent when we are not hosting a public practice or race event. Hours vary based on daylight. Check the calendar page to determine the hours that might work for your rental. AV MOTOPLEX offers the renter exclusive use of the Motocross track for his or her invited guests.

  • Motocross
  • Supercross
  • Kids
  • Watering system