Milestone MX Park, Riverside, motocross track

motocross, Milestone MX Park, Riverside, motocross track
Basic data:

Milestone MX Park

30 USD

Milestone is a huge complex made of at least 6 tracks where riders of any level can have a glorious motocross day. All tracks are placed in a flat area.

The main track is an MX circuit with serveral medium and small tabletops. There is also a whoop line and a medium/big triple jump. The feeling it's a bit SX since there are many 180º corners.

The vet track is a big one but corners are a bit wider with big jumps though.

There is a hardcore SX track for riders with pro license only. Many celebrities can be seen training there.

The soil is a bit harder compared to other tracks in the region but the track crew is watering it constantly.

  • Motocross
  • Supercross
  • Kids
  • Flat track
  • Watering system