Macotera Raceway, Torres de Alameda, motocross track

motocross, Macotera Raceway, Torres de Alameda, motocross trackmotocross, Macotera Raceway, Torres de Alameda, motocross trackmotocross, Macotera Raceway, Torres de Alameda, motocross track
Torres de Alameda
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Macotera Raceway

20 EUR

It opens Saturdays and Sundays, except in August and part of July, when heat and lack of water prevent it. At this time of the year it offers a la carte with interesting prices. It has initiation circuit for children.

The Torres de la Alameda circuit is for me the best in Madrid. Its location, in the middle of a valley, allows the layout to have everything. The climbs, the descents and the semi natural jumps that it has make it exciting, fun, selective and technical. The terrain is hard, even very hard. It is your only handicap. Keeping it in good condition requires a lot of work on the part of the owner, who must plow and irrigate days before its opening if he does not want to find dust and terrain similar to asphalt. In his last renovation have been included doubles of quite difficulty and a very long jump (30 meters) taking advantage of one of its natural slopes.

The doubles give rise to an authentic screen in the race, because if you do not do them you can go more than three seconds in a section of only 100 meters. There are two alternatives to make them, personally I use to pass the first fast skewer to do three doubles later.

The other possibility is to start with double and end up falling to the plane in the last obstacle. For the most expert pilots is to do an incomplete triple at the end instead of double and simple. In any case, it is complicated and requires a lot of concentration and decision to increase the speed each time the bike touches the ground. I do them in third, but there are those who start in second.

The most beautiful jump of all is the one that we find at the end of the first straight and that also takes advantage of a vertical drop in the terrain. It is curved and has the length and ideal ramps to start in the famous folded. The reception is very long, which is why it is also very safe. As for the ups and downs that can be seen in the photo are much more pronounced than it seems. The brakes are really put to the test, as well as the arms of the pilots. It runs a lot and is traced in many places as in the speed circuits.

The longest jump, that of 30 meters, is also a selective place. It arrives after a curvón to right and a good slope up. It jumps in fourth almost to the bottom and it flies high and long. Then there is an impressive downhill and a slow curve that leads to the finish line. You can overtake easily and it is a pilot circuit, where you have to deploy all the knowledge and all the courage to go really fast. To put a snag, access from the road is long and tedious, because you have to do it by a tractor road, full of potholes.

The children's circuit is wonderful. Done flat, encourage the little ones to start curving by knocking down the bike and practicing on the superelevations. Since its inauguration it has had great success.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that pilots are also portrayed here on training days. It is a great fashion, that everyone, big, small, pros and amateurs, like. The thirsty have a bar with good views to quench thirst and even hunger.

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