Motocross Dorno, Dornoland, Dorno, motocross track

motocross, Motocross Dorno, Dornoland, Dorno, motocross track
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Motocross Dorno, Dornoland


Motocross Dorno has two different tracks to meet the needs of all its guests, professional motorcyclists, amateurs and beginners. This oasis for motorcyclists was born with the desire to create a meeting point between passion for sport, sharing experiences and a place to spend a day in peace and fun with friends and family. In this regard, the tracks are more than one and are carefully treated to ensure comfort, safety and accessibility.

Thousands are the motorcyclists who come to try and run on these tracks and the high quality standard supports the activity of true champions in this sport. Famous names pass with their two wheels on this circuit. Bumps, jumps and curves will be the same ones to face together with amateurs and professionals of motocross.

The second track was designed and created to stimulate the curiosity of beginners and bring them closer to Motocross with passion. Suitable for children and beginners is characterized by technical points suitable for a basic level of travel and therefore developed in total safety. It could be an opportunity for a test and why not, start a new and exciting journey! There are courses available to bring boys and girls of all ages closer to the world of cycling. Students of any level and of any age will be able to test themselves in a few hours of course to learn the best techniques with the presence of highly qualified instructors. An experience in total safety.

  • Motocross
  • Bar
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Camping nearby
  • Wifi
  • Watering system