Motocross, Fuentesaúco, motocross track

Castilla y Leon
Basic data:

Fuentesauco is one of the most important towns in the province of Zamora. From Madrid it is about 230 km. Three years ago I discovered your circuit. It is located near the ring road and in view of the difficulty of finding it, it is advisable to ask at the gas station in the town, which is nearby.

It's a small circuit, little more than a minute per lap, but very intense and fast. Some riders did it for their use and enjoyment and I know that they fix it once or twice a year. In the three years that I have been going there I have only met once with someone, precisely a pilot of the town of those who participate in the arrangement and 'care'. I park near a tree and train alone, to my roll. I never had to pay anything, even when I agreed with the local driver.

The terrain is hard with sandy areas that allow a magnificent grip in curve whether dry or wet. It has seven plateau jumps plus a double. The curves are very banked and they admit a speed when negotiating them really exciting. It does not have many bumps, in spite of the carelessness, because it is used very little. It is located in a quiet place and no one puts a stick to it is mounted on it. I have self-recorded a video in which a large part of the route can be seen, only a long and simple jump is left out, plus a curving path that ends up closing in a precious cant that allows gas to be opened without fear. I recommend it as an ideal place to get speed in step by bend and ability in areas with sandy terrain.

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