Motocross, Iznate, motocross track

motocross,  Motocross, Iznate, motocross trackmotocross,  Motocross, Iznate, motocross track
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Last summer, shortly before leaving for Granada to spend a week on vacation, I decided to look into the network to see if I found a circuit near the hotel. I looked at a highly recommended website:, and I found several options. Among all, I opted to go to Iznate.

I did it because I called the cell phone that came on the web and the woman who took it said that the circuit would be watered and fixed. So, on Saturday, August 27 last year, I got up early and set off for Iznate from La Herradura, some 50 km away.

Iznate is in a valley in the interior of Málaga, in the region of La Axarquía. It is a steep area, full of small valleys through which runs the road that is full of curves and offers beautiful views. I had a hard time finding the access road to the circuit and the lady who takes it guided me in the last meters to locate it. It's not that he was hiding, it's that he never would have thought that the road he had seen a couple of times and had passed by led to a motocross circuit. You had to be careful because it was narrow and down a slope as if it were a bench. At one point it widened and gave way to the parking area, where he had installed a boat container that served as an office, warehouse and store. Everything seemed quite incredible, really.

As the lady had assured me, they had passed the machine and at that moment they had the automatic watering in motion. The dark earth shone with some puddles that looked like mirrors. The appearance was magnificent and the desire to ride a motorcycle multiplied me. That day we were just five or six pilots riding. I enjoyed a lot because the layout, as seen in the photo, runs along a hillside, has good slopes, nice jumps and the feel of the terrain can be said to be perfect. The danger is to get out on a curve, because there are no loopholes and it is equivalent to falling down the slope. It was not my case, luckily.

I had the chance to be surprised once again when I clicked. The container-shop-store that ran the lady had spare parts, including, of course, motorcycle cameras. I'm not very skilled in the art of changing tires, so a kind gentleman did it for me. By the way, I made friends and they invited me to ride the next day at another circuit in Villanueva del Trabuco, which was also amazing. Let's see if there is luck and I can return soon.

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