Motocross, San Martín de la Vega, motocross track

motocross,  Motocross, San Martín de la Vega, motocross trackmotocross,  Motocross, San Martín de la Vega, motocross trackmotocross,  Motocross, San Martín de la Vega, motocross track
San Martín de la Vega
Basic data:
20 EUR

It does not open in a habitual way, it does it sporadically almost always coinciding with the celebration of a race to one or two weeks seen.

The exit is not the best of the circuit of San Martin, ends in a kind of chicane that often provokes montoneras.

If I could make the dream of having a circuit of my own come true, it would be like that of San Martin de la Vega: San Martin MX. Has it all. It runs a lot, it slows down a lot, jumps a lot and grabs a lot. One gets tired of saying a lot. The land is of an almost red earth with a delicious appearance. Plow and wet represents the MX what the abrasive asphalt of a speed circuit to a great prize bike. The earth is mulled and up to four and a half suffers and suffers to run, because the wheels sink and until the rut is not made it navigates in a sea of ​​damp and sticky earth that catches it. To release a layout like that, with that aspect, that touch and that width is priceless. If the day accompanies and it is sunny, after an hour or so ruts have been made in the curves that allow for almost sci-fi tumbling. One goes through the curves and the ruts noticing a grip so perfect that always has the feeling of having been able to go faster, that the limit does not exist or that it is not within reach. Gears are set so that the motorcycle runs, so that it can gain speed in the curvones, so that when arriving at the jumps the flight is clean and long. The sensation of speed and the evidence of the power of the motorbike can be seen here like nowhere else.

There is a good mix of jumps. We have a double in rise, beautiful; an elevator, quite technical; a plateau attached to a pyramid that does not allow long jumps, unique and very beautiful; and several giant plateaus, two of them located in a straight line that allows to put up to fifth. The ruts of half a meter, the combs that are made in the great straight, the flights of almost 30 meters, the slow ones of almost second when the ground is heavy, the superelevations, everything gives place to a high stress and to a considerable difficulty. One feels that he takes advantage of the tremendous motor of his motorcycle, which includes those who put 55 HP of power in a 450 because in San Martin all are missing and some more. It is hard to get used to the long and essential whips because they are supported by a long and increasingly deep rut, but when it is achieved, the pleasure surpasses the imagined. You have to be very careful not to touch with your foot on the floor when you take the leg forward because it goes very fast and it is easy to hurt yourself. A doubt, a failure, an oversight, can lead to a tremendous fall. Motorcycles in San Martin have the opportunity to give everything and pilots to enjoy it.

Jumps, large curves, unevenness, width, superelevations; If you do not like this circuit, you do not like to ride a motorcycle.

As for the facilities, we only have the basics. The best thing is the parking, huge and totally flat. The situation of the circuit, attached to an industrial estate full of scrapyards, hides a layout more typical of California. I have no doubt that the real amusement park in San Martín de la Vega is not the Warner, it is San Martín MX.

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