MX Recas, Recas, motocross track

motocross, MX Recas, Recas, motocross trackmotocross, MX Recas, Recas, motocross track
Castilla-La Mancha
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MX Recas



Jonathan Barragan:

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Rolling in no time we remember that it is night because it looks perfect and there is never glare or annoying shadows. Normally there is not much assistance because the supercross requires a slightly more refined technique than motocross. The circuits are smaller and the jumps more technical. In the case of Recas, we have two triple jumps, two rows of dubi, a camel jump (clearly seen in the photo) and several doubles. The curves are very well banked and the take-off and reception ramps are inclined but correct.

Among the attendant pilots there is a certain resentment always towards the triple bottom. Therefore, this year they have softened it by making the last plateau type skewer, which allows a wider margin of error. It is a long jump that has to be done giving enough gas in third for nothing else to land negotiating a right 90 degree curve.

Perhaps this is the greatest difficulty. To get everything right, you have to be fine on the landing and get it right, so that it is possible to brake as soon as you touch the ground, stabilize the bike and then pull down to the curve. After her arrives an area that the rhythm Americans would call. I continue in third, I make the plateau, I fall in a low reception that some also jump, accelerate strong to make another small but very technical plateau, change to second in the air, I land, tumble, curve and jump sitting a short double camel , also very technical, I put third in the air and I face the first dubis, which I do in the center; I finish them, I accelerate in the plain and I face the seconds, a little more complicated because they are higher and they give to a curve of 180 degrees just after finishing them.

After that curve comes the other triple, easier than the first, which I also do sitting. It lands and skips a pin to the plane for a curve of 180 degrees and a large and tall double that is the goal. Some pilots manage to trace the next curve inside, I do not. It is a curve of 130 degrees, well banked and gives access to the flat line of the exit. It accelerates to the bottom and you get to another curve very similar but to the left where braking is very important; from there a double that spits a lot for the big, complicated and demanding camel.

It is essential to hit correctly in this jump, as missing a few more meters or less leads to disaster. The reception slope is very pronounced and the height is very high. So when landing it looks like a slide. There is a curve of 180 degrees just landing with a large cant that is thrown over at full speed and that should be done well because we are on the back straight (the triple). A small double behind the curve takes us back to the triple and back to start.

The touch of the terrain should be highlighted. His grip is phenomenal. They irrigate it very well and immediately it remains with a wet touch that looks like glue. The tire slides progressive and it always seems that we can knock down and rush a little more than we do. I've been there six times this summer.

At first I was nervous, thinking all the way in not failing because failure easily takes you to the hospital. But from the third visit I felt calmer. It is true that I have seen several pilots getting hurt, but it is also true that they were not very good drivers. If one is able to go concentrated and has the ability to hit the receptions with some precision this is a circuit to enjoy and to get agility and temper.

The most important downside I find is access. He is, literally, lost in the middle of the field. Arriving is not easy at all. Even knowing the way it is easy to get lost. You have to cross the village and then get oriented to go to the sports center. At night it is an almost impossible task without asking a couple of times.

The night gives a special atmosphere to ride a motorcycle. On the Bravo & Bravo circuit there is a bar with a terrace from which you can see the circuit very well and where you can dine or simply have a drink. The supercross circuit of Recas is very good. In the summer they open it at night and we can enjoy an intense, demanding and fun route, illuminated by several towers of spotlights that give a sensation of daylight.

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