Sonseca MX Park, Sonseca, motocross track

motocross, Sonseca MX Park, Sonseca, motocross trackmotocross, Sonseca MX Park, Sonseca, motocross trackmotocross, Sonseca MX Park, Sonseca, motocross track
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Sonseca MX Park

15 EUR

The Sonseca circuit is wonderful. It is located on a flat terrain a little outside the village. The ground is hard with silica-like sand. The fault that the circuit has the success it has is its owner and caretaker, Dori. Former pilot and great fan, he has managed to design a sensational layout, full of variety and difficulties that encourage improvement and help to become a better pilot.

It has almost everything: fast, slow curves, long, short jumps, curves with cant, without it. It is not difficult, for all this, to meet there with great pilots training type Barragán (all), Raúl Álvarez and even Julián Simón. During this summer the LS Honda team arrived there several days to do the preseason and some of us could see Ken de Dyker shoot with former teammate Jonathan Barragán and Joan Cross, who accompanied them.

The hard terrain is not an obstacle for Dori to be able to procure curves with a wonderful touch. He does not plow the whole circuit, only the areas that he understands must be plowed, and I think he's right. The goal curvón and the area immediately after is a delight. There are two curves in which they rut and lie down a lot.

Then we find a long plateau and a strong braking for a curve without a slope, also very plowed and in which the rut becomes deep and sublime. After that you get to a very long straight full of jumps. There is a very powerful braking in which I take a gear from the fourth and I trace the curve on the outside very carefully because there is little traction. I accelerate to the bottom as soon as possible and jump sitting to do the triple that starts the long straight. There are four more very fast jumps, two of them triple. The first few times I rode in this circuit it seemed crazy to join so much long and delicate jump followed, but today I think it's great.

Each curve has its history and its touch, sometimes you can see how hard the terrain is because of the potholes that are being made, but that never makes the circuit unpleasant or dangerous. Going to train at Sonseca MX Park is a guarantee to do a complete workout. Always, but always always, you find the perfect circuit, just past the machine and freshly watered. Dori never fails in that. In addition, in the middle of the morning it waters and the little dust that begins to rise disappears.

They do not take pictures of us there and their activity on Facebook is scarce, although it has a page, but in return for every ten times we go one of them comes free. You just have to keep the receipts to pay and use them as a means of payment when the ten get together.

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